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Construction & Real Estate Cleaning Solutions

After Builders Cleaning Services


We offer full cleaning services to construction and maintenance companies for their newly constructed or renovated projects. Our highly skilled staff will clean the building internally, from top to bottom, cleaning away all dust and debris, leaving the premises looking clean as new and ready for your customers to move right in.


Without a Trace can provide any number of specialist cleaners, tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements. We have managed to provide and maintain high standards of professional expertise and a quality guaranteed cleaning service to the construction industry. Whether initial builders cleans, re-cleans or sparkle cleans - if it is quality and efficiency that you demand then look no further - we can meet your tight deadlines.


If given the opportunity, we will come to your premises and engage in a full cleaning audit. Having documented our findings we will discuss them with you and quote a price which is not only fair and reasonable, but which will cover in full all that we say we will do for you - with an absolute guarantee.


Real Estate Cleaning Services


Whether you are a private seller or a real estate agent, Without a Trace can help you showcase an immaculate property to your potential buyers. Typically our real estate customers require a first deep-cleaning service for the property they are about to sell. Depending on the amount of time the property takes to sell and/or the number of open house events realized, other cleaning sessions might be required to keep the premises at their bests. Time is of essence when selling real estate and appearance and cleanness are paramount to sell swiftly. We are fully aware of the challenges this market niche represents and as such we offer special cleaning packages for our real estate clients. Let us take care of the cleanness and appearance of the property so you can focus on your clients’ needs, and making a sale as promptly as possible.


Please contact us and let us provide you with a free estimate for the cleaning solution that will help you close the deal sooner!

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