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Without a Trace was born as an environmentally friendly company, offering quality-cleaning services tailored to the residential, commercial, construction, and real estate industries.
Our business model is based on people, by people and for people, and as such, we are committed to run our business in a socially responsible manner.

Our experienced and fully trained staff gets the job done as requested and in the time
allotted for it. As a result, our customers’ satisfaction is high and word-of-mouth has
become an important part of our business. We stand behind the services we provide. Upon
completion of each job, we ask all our clients to sign a satisfaction sheet. If for some reason
our client is not happy with the service contracted and delivered, we guarantee to have our
staff return within 24 hours, free of charge, to rectify the issue at hand.

Contact Us

3869 Dominion St
Burnaby, BC

Ph. 604-354-6388

of Cleaning


Cleanliness is one of the most important selling tools a business could have. After all, your image says more than a thousand words. Without a Trace recognizes this and knows first hand the importance of running a clean and an organized business...


I'm We offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning solutions for your home. Moving in/out cleans can also be arranged at your convenience.


The cost of your cleaning solution will directly depend on the actual condition in which your home is

Our Work

Our work ethic is based on three principles:

1. The customer is always right
2. Every staff member of our company must be well trained and remunerated
3. Be as environmentally friendly as humanly possible


As part of our pledge to Excellency, we offer an unconditional guarantee
to every job we do!

Clients of Without a Trace are not only fulfilling their cleaning needs affordably
but they are also strengthening our local communities. We are a family-run business
and proudly Canadian.

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